“There are no problems, only solutions”



Construction is an enormous commitment both mentally and financially. With an array of moving parts, details and decisions to be made, we aim to alleviate these stresses and concerns by focusing on the preconstruction process.

Collaboration between the client, architect, designer and builder is essential for a successful and timely completion of the job. We always stress the importance of an open discussion between all parties to carefully consider the project’s program and requirements.

The preconstruction process helps to provide clarity of expectations and balance between architecture, aesthetics, building logic, cost containment and efficiency.


We provide a “hands-on” approach to project management and supervision. There is no corporate hierarchy with a chain of command where information can get lost or misinterpreted. When you hire Hansmann Construction, you get us! Your project gets the attention it deserves.

We choose to keep our team small and only take on a limited number of jobs at any one time. This allows us to excel at each job without jeopardizing quality or the client’s experience. As things tend to change on the fly, our client-focused philosophy lets us better serve our clients and their needs as the construction process is underway. With the appropriate level of attention allotted to our jobs, we offer a better experience for all parties involved – general contractor, client and our cadre of qualified subcontractors.

We only work with a select group of sub-contractors that we trust and know are committed to quality and integrity. Our constant accessibility between our clients and sub-contractors expedites the work of our subcontractors and empowers them to work confidently, knowing that we’ve handled the design decisions and are just a phone call away if they have a question.

Partnerships With Architects & Designers

Most clients approach us with an architect already on board but this is not always the case. We are always happy to connect our clients to our inner circle of diverse and talented architects & designers based on the aesthetics, personality and budget that best fit the project’s needs.