Working with Hansmann Construction made this major project possible. Steve’s deep knowledge of construction, dedication to identify possible issues and make corrections before they become an issue, and his ability to work well with and coordinate the subs was impressive and greatly appreciated. Steve and his team are very easy to work with and display their commitment to creating the very best results possible. He cared about my home as though it were his own and that gave me great peace of mind. For these reasons, I highly recommend Hansmann Construction.
— C. Webster
We look out our beautiful Millgard windows every day and think of all the work Hansmann Construction did for us! The new windows enhance the beauty of the house as well as helping with heating and cooling. The mill work John did around the inside of the windows and doors is so gorgeous, it adds so much to the beauty of our home. John also did the outside window trim which changed the look of the outside of the house and custom designed the trim around the outside doors. John is very talented and was a pleasure to work with, he was always polite and respectful of our property. At the end of every day John and his crew cleaned up the inside and the outside so no dust or trash was visible. The little extras like that meant a lot to us. My absolute favorite work Steve did for us was a custom designed front door porch cover with a copper roof. It changed the look of the front door area which was flat and uninteresting to spectacular and unique. It really added to the feel that we were looking for and protection from rain.

Thank you for all the work you have done for us over the years from remodeling our kitchen, to installing new windows, decorative molding and our front door cover. We appreciate working with such a talented and respectful contractor and crew, it makes the experience a pleasure.
— Alan and Katha Seacord
Working with home builder Steve Hansmann of Hansmann Construction was great. We were able to stay on budget, and the craftsmanship met our high standards. As an architect, my partner Tom and I recommend Steve’s custom home building company to our clients and we always hear positive comments about their work.
— Matt Thompson, Architect
My wife and I both have design backgrounds and found working with Steve fantastic. He allowed us to play a major role in shaping the thousands of decisions on details that made the finish product match our vision incredibly well. Steve was a true partner in that process leveraging his years of experience to offer options while helping to contain costs and maintain our aggressive schedule.

I don’t think I’ve met anyone who has said their major renovation came in under budget and ahead of schedule, but what’s really important is that in the end you feel like you got a quality home you can love. Everyone who asks us how the house is going gets the same answer “it turned out beyond our wildest dreams - we love it”.
— John Ware and Kim Ruth
We hired Santa Cruz home builder Steve Hansmann to build us a new custom home in Soquel. It is a fine example of a Tudor styled home. Steve had excellent building management skills, was very patient and delivered our home on time and on budget... Thanks Steve.
— Jerry Epps
Working with Santa Cruz home builder Hansmann Construction was great. They stayed on budget, and the craftsmanship met our high standards. As architects, my partner Matt and I recommend Steve’s construction company to our clients and we always get positive comments about Steve’s quality of work, and how easy he is to work with.
— Tom Thacher, Thacher & Thompson Architects
I’ve known Steve Hansmann and his reputation for integrity for years. When it was time to build our custom house, we went right to well known Santa Cruz home builders, Hansmann Construction. The workmanship was exemplary. Our home was finished in a timely manner and Steve went overboard to make sure everything was done to our satisfaction.
— R.J.
Hansmann Construction custom home builders were extremely easy to work with, both before and during the construction of our new home. Steve answered our many questions in an honest, straight forward manner. We were greatly pleased with the high quality of their workmanship throughout the home.
— Ron and Lavone Smith
Steve Hansmann is gifted home builder and has a great personality.

I really enjoyed working with him. He has excellent construction management skills and builds a quality home. Steve works well with all his clients and sub-contractors, and has a great reputation as a fine home buidler in Santa Cruz.
— Charles Franks, Architect
We refer many of our clients to Steve at Hansmann Construction, because he is so kind and accomodating in working with owners. His home builiding company does quality work and always follows through on the job. He delivers jobs on time and on budget.
— Tom Thacher, Thacher and Thompson Architects
Our family has known Steve and Julie Hansmann since 1986. Their home building and remodling company “remodeled” our Santa Cruz beach house on 15h Avenue. The remodel was the classic tear down with one original wall left standing. Steve then built us a very contemporary modern home.

In addition, Steve did such a great job for us, I recommended him to my sister to remodel her home in Saratoga.
— Mike and Peggy Spedick
Building a new home in a remote place, nearly 100 miles from the home bases of most of the workers and suppliers, presents some big challenges for a home builder-general contractor. Those challenges are multiplied when the house design is unconventional. Steve did a seamless job handeling the delivery of materials, logistics and all the coordination of the project. Steve’s impressive skills and knowledge, his love of home building, and his remarkably long and extensive experience provided solutions to every construction aspect. He hired excellent subcontractors, who were also very skilled and took considerable pride in doing things right. It was a pleasure to work with someone as nice as Steve. He was caring and thoughtful about our concerns, and he was committed to making things work for us. He and his son John helped us with a lot of little details that were important to us, although not essential to the main project. The custom home they built for us is a solid testament to skill, pride and beauty.
— Bruce Mahall and Kathleen Stout
We are extremely pleased with the vacation home Hansmann Construction built for us. The finished home exceeded our expectations and we look forward to spending as much time there as possible. Steve found ways throughout the construction process to save money, allowing us to upgrade many of the finish details. As we do not live full time in the area, we trusted Steve fully to make some important decisions. We were very happy with all of them.

We would highly recommend Steve and John to anyone building a new home or remodeling.
— Craig Harris
We love the new home Hansmann Construction built for us. They delivered a solid house with beautiful finishes. The home exceeds our expectations and we love living in it. The job was finished on time and on budget, which was critical for us. All through the process, Steve found ways to save money without compromising quality, and even upgraded many finish details. Probably the best thing about working with Steve was that while the project was very complex and expensive, we always knew that he was looking out for our interests – both in terms of quality of construction and cost. If we weren’t working with a builder that we absolutely trusted, the whole process would have been much more stressful. We would recommend Steve and the crew of Hansmann Construction to anyone with a new construction project.
— J.B. AND M.D.
After the 1999 earthquake, the Hansmann’s home building company rebuilt my sister’s house in Saratoga, California after her house slid off of its foundation during the quake.

In 2005, Steve and John built us an outstanding 4700 sq. ft. Tuscan sytle custom home for us at the Pronghorn Golf Resort.

The home turned out beautifully.

Steve’s years of experience, incomparable knowledge of all facets of construction, excellent management of subcontractors, absolute integrity, and willingness to “do what it takes” has made our projects enjoyable as well as successful. Throughout all of these projects, spanning 27 years, my wife and I continue to be friends with the Hansmanns and I would highly recommend their home builidng company to anyone building a custom home in Santa Cruz.
— Michael Spedick
Steve Hansmann was the final candidate to be interviewed for the general contractor’s position when I was putting together a team to design and build my 5th custom home. From that initial interview many of Steve’s attributes were clearly evident and we have had 18 months of a professional and personal working relationship.

His technical knowledge of all phases of home construction is excellent and he brought a wealth of practical experience and insight to the project.

He has outstanding communication skills and excels in problem solving situations. He consistently provided timely opinions, options and resolutions to issues that arose during the construction process.

His business operation is professional, billing problems were non-existent and he was always respectful of the budget and the bottom line.

The subcontractors selected provided professional workmanship and craftsmanship. They were some of the best I have encountered in the past 20 years.

Steve was always professional, cooperative, and above all honorable. If I should decide to build another home, would I select him as part of another team? Absolutely, yes!
— S. C.
We heartily recommend Steve Hansmann and Hansmann Construction. Steve has worked on various remodels for us, and everything he has done has turned out beautifully, and ON TIME!

Having dealt with many building/remodeling contractors over the years, we have a basis for comparison. We would always use Steve again.

He has a wonderful way about him, is very professional, and is so easy to be around. He has a positive attitude and seems always to have a smile on his face. He is a pleasure! He is also a strong family man with good values.
— K.Y.
We’ve been in our house almost two years now and love it more every day. We feel lucky to have found Hansmann Construction to build our dream home. Steve’s people were able to deliver on our new home with quality workmanship in a timely manner and within budget. Beth and I are satisfied that we picked the best building contractor available to build our new home, and would highly recommend Hansmann Construction to anyone doing the same.
— Roy and Beth Reynolds
After five previous remodels, we had a pretty good idea what was ahead of us as we embarked on yet another significant remodeling project. We also knew how important our choice of contractor would be to our project success.

We had a terrific experience with Steve and his team. He is experienced, creative and a good problem solver. We appreciated his honesty and straightforward communication style.

The outcome? A wonderful, well built new home with pleasing details and solid construction. We could not be happier.

In short, Hansmann Construction:
- provided excellent advice
- communicated well, including using BuilderTrend to track the project
- had good subcontractors
- managed the project and the subs well
- insisted on quality work, redoing if necessary, to get a detail right
- used quality materials
- went beyond expected project requirements to provide value added customer service

We highly recommend Hansmann Construction and would use their services again.
— Addison Jacobs
We were absolutely pleased with the work done on our kitchen by the Hansmann Construction team. After the project was completed I began to think about what I liked about the Hansmann team compared to other contractors that we had used. There were three things that stood out.

First Steve Hansmann, the leader of the team, had the ability to assess a situation, including our main needs, and point us in a direction that led to a design that was affordable and met all of our needs. He helped us sort through the different trade-offs that often accompany design decisions. So at the end of the design process, we had a good idea about what our new kitchen would look like and with his experience he was able to assure us about how the space would function (not too crowded, appliances in appropriate positions, space needed for island etc…).

Second Steve was very professional and deliberate about the process once we started breaking ground; he covered all of the details very thoroughly so that there were few surprises. The process of getting permits can be tedious, but at least we knew that everything was being done correctly and professionally… so it made it easier to wait for the permitting process and the exterior construction to be completed. Steve also made sure that the work crews did the work correctly and if they didn’t he would bring them back to make it right. He had a good rapport with the crews so he was able to work with them to assure top-notch work. Throughout the process we were able to give input “on the fly” and Steve made it work.

Third I was pleased with the way that Steve really tried to honor the original quote that he gave us; he showed alot integrity and honesty. He made sure to tell us when things were going over price (and why) and also let us know when things were going under the quote price. So we didn’t lose any sleep over creeping costs. He helped us save money by suggesting good alternatives – some of which we chose.

Steve Hansmann is a likable and funny person which helped keep a light comfortable working relationship. All of the crews that worked on our house treated our family respectfully and made sure that none of our children were ever placed into any possible harm. We love our kitchen! I would be happy to talk to anyone who would like an evaluation of Steve and the Hansmann Construction team.
— Ronald Francis
We just can’t say enough great words for Steve, his crew, and the subcontractors he works with, they were friendly and professional, and completed the work they did for us way ahead of schedule. We had him come in for a consultation when we were considering redoing our kitchen. He listened to our ideas, and made some excellent suggestions and recommendations. The total process felt like a real team effort. When we started construction, and I told people that we would be cooking in there by Thanksgiving, they were skeptical, but we were, I think even Steve was surprised! But it was because of the reliability and hard work done by all. Everybody who comes in to our house compliments us on the kitchen. It is probably one of the most functional kitchens I have cooked in mostly because of Steve’s willingness to listen to our needs. We have a few more remodeling jobs to do around the house, our powder room, closet and master bath, and gazebo, and have already been in touch with Steve. We can’t wait to work with him again!
— Linda Minor-Santa Cruz